Beastmaster Beastmasters have developed a special bond with animals. Their knowledge of animals allows them to give aid, helping the animal to heal faster than it normally would. Through the bond, the animals become quite loyal to the Beastmaster, making them willing to stand between an attacker and their master, defending or attacking on command. The animals will even sacrifice their own health if it will aid the Beastmaster.


Level 1: nurture
Syntax: cast nurture With this spell, a Beastmaster can heal all of his pets in the room. It is the same as casting heal on all pets at the same time.
Level 3: familiar loyalty
Syntax: automatic Familiars are especially loyal to Beastmasters and thus are more willing to take a hit for their owner in combat. This skill has a chance to increase automatically when a pet is hit instead of the Beastmaster. The higher this skill has been mastery, the higher the chance the pet will take a hit.
Level 5: tame beast
Syntax: automatic Beastmasters are able to tame wild creatures to become their companions. Once they have mastered this skill, they can have 2 more familiars (3 max). This skill stacks with Nature's Friend and Beast Mastery, allowing one to increase the number of pets one can have at a time. This skill does not work for Necromancers.
Level 7: stampede
Syntax: stampede <victim> A Beastmaster can order all his pets to rush at an enemy and maul them, possibly stunning them. The more pets stampeding the victim, the higher the chance to stun. It's possible to use stampede while blinded and stunned. Pets who are blinded cannot stampede the target. The Beastmaster will automatically jump into combat to help his familiars. Damage is based on each pet's own damage range seen on the pets command. If the pets are already in combat with a different target, it will force them to change targets but will not stop their previous target from attacking them. Pets can miss their target if this skill hasn't been fully mastered.
Level 10: spirit bond
Syntax: cast 'spirit bond' < or pet name> Using a spiritual bond between themselves and their pet, a Beastmaster can channel their pet's hitpoints to replenish their own mana. If the pet is wounded and doesn't have enough hitpoints to fully recover the Beastmaster's mana, it will offer what it can and die.
Level 10: trick death
When a mobile is affected by trick death, it has temporary immunity to death, meaning that if its hitpoints go down to 0, it will be restored to full health and the immunity effect will wear off. This spell does not work on players. To see if your familiar is affected by anything, you can use 'affect <familiar name>'. This spell cannot be cast on normal monsters, it can only be cast on familiars.