BattleMage Rumor has it that BattleMages are the fiercest of all spellcasters, and rightfully so. Powerful enough to mute their foe and deliver extra damage with their spells, they are also known to find further magical strength from within during a fight. Their ability to harness a fiery blockade of magic can stop projectiles dead in their tracks.


Level 1: battle finesse
Syntax: automatic During their many battles, combatants noticed that one of the deadliest situations is to be stunned by their opponent. Therefore, a skilled combatant can avoid those situations with his experience in battle finesse. The more often they escape those deadly situations, the easier it is for them to avoid them in the future. Of course battle is always unpredictable and so there is no guarantee to avoid all stuns.
Level 3: silence
Syntax: cast silence <target> Cooldown: 3 minutes This nasty spell is used to silence a target, making it impossible for them to utter magical incantations or speak. At 100% mastered, this spell will silence a player for around 12 seconds and a mob for 60 seconds.
Level 5: wall of fire
Syntax: cast 'wall of fire' BattleMages can erect a magical wall of flames that causes remotely-shot arrows and throwing stars to be burnt to ashes as they fly through. Anyone also in the same room as the BattleMage will be protected by the wall as well. This spell cannot be cast on another.
Level 7: inner fire
Syntax: cast 'inner fire' Casting this spell causes a burst of fire to fill the BattleMage, increasing their hitpoints and resistance to all damage. The higher the caster's intelligence, the more hitpoints one will receive.
Level 10: magical smite
Syntax: automatic Due to their vast experience in fighting, the BattleMage cultivated the ability to sometimes deal extraordinary damage with their spells. This ability is comparable to the Warrior's critical strike with weapons. The more adept a BattleMage is with magical smite, the more often his spell power will increase. Good luck also helps. Main stat: Luck.