Assassin The Assassin is skilled in a myriad of methods of ending someone's life. He has studied anatomy, poisons, and fighting styles over the course of years in order to become the fearsome killer. He may not attain perfection, but that doesn't mean you won't be dead.


Level 1: entrapment
Syntax: entrapment <root, dart, dust, cloud, tripwire, sensor> Assassins use sophisticated traps to weaken their opponents before the battle even begins. They disguise their traps as desirable treasures to trick their enemies into activating them. It is possible to set 1 trap can be set per area. This max rises by 1 more trap every 10% the skill increases. A maximum of 5 traps can be set per area once the skill has been mastered. Each trap will crumble away after 10 minutes. If a trap kills a monster and the Assassin is in the same area, the Assassin will be rewarded with experience. Traps do not work on monsters more than 10 levels above the Assassin and do not work on monsters that are too low level to reward experience. Traps will work against other PK players if the Assassin is in a player-killing house. The Assassin will receive a violent flag if another player sets off a trap. Types of Traps Root: A snare-type trap that springs closed around the enemy's ankle, trapping them in the room. Dart: A dart which embeds itself into the enemy's skin and releases poison into the bloodstream, causing damage over time (blood poison effect). Dust: Explodes butterfly dust into the enemy's face, causing them to black out. Cloud: Creates a black cloud of smoke, blotting out the enemy's vision. Tripwire: When stumbled over, it causes an explosion to go off, harming the enemy and making them 25% vulnerable to damage. Sensor: This installation detects motion from as far as 5 rooms away once entrapment has been mastered. It will send a ninja throwing star at random targets, harming them. The damage is based on the Assassin's dexterity, level, and skill mastery percentage.
Level 3: pressure point
Syntax: automatic A skilled Assassin can both backstab his target and swiftly hit a pressure point at the same time, causing the victim to become stunned.
Level 5: calculated hit
Syntax: automatic Skilled assassins can swiftly dart behind their opponent's attack after successfully parrying an attack and slit their throat open, killing the opponent immediately. A claw or dagger must be wielded as the primary weapon for this skill to activate. This skill has a low chance to activate against NPCs and an even lower chance against PCs. It will not activate if the NPC is more than 10 levels above the Assassin. The proficiency will automatically increase when the Assassin successfully slits the throat of their opponent.
Level 7: advanced blackjack
Blackjack Skill Syntax: blackjack <victim> This skill, practiced by thieves, will attempt to blackjack the intended target, causing them to black out for a short period of time, and leaving them susceptible to being attacked. This skill can be used with a dagger or a claw. Chance of success is based on your skill proficiency and your level verses your opponent's level. The more one knocks out a target, the harder it will be to knock them out with each successive attempt. Advanced Blackjack Skill Syntax: automatic Assassins are especially skilled in the art of hitting their victims in precise regions on their heads to knock them out and cause a state of confusion so that when the victim awakes and tries to attack, they will miss a few rounds of combat until they recover their senses. The more proficient the Assassin is, the longer the state of confusion will last. If the Assassin waits too long to attack after blackjacking the victim, the victim will recover from the dazed state.
Level 10: drug
Syntax: drug Cooldown: 10 minutes Over time, the Assassins developed a drug which boosts their damage and dexterity for a short period of time to help them quickly dispatch their targets. The higher their constitution is, the bigger the dose of the drug they can safely ingest. The damroll is based on the skill proficiency and the dexterity is based on their constitution.