Ulitharids are larger than their brethren, the Illithid and Alhoon, and possess greater strength and stature, standing 9 feet tall. By nature they are vile and malicious beings and exhibit an even harsher and more spiteful temperament than the Illithid. As such, they are treated as minor gods by them. They are among the most feared creatures of the subterranean world, and few creatures have the grit to challenge them. Their formidable mental powers are their greatest weapon, their understanding of the universe running so deep that it would drive most normal mortals insane. They are humanoid in shape and possess an octopus-like head with silver-white eyes. They have four tentacles which run almost the entire length of their body, longer than the tentacles of both the Illithid and Alhoon. They have a slender and elegant figure, their skin mauve in color, smooth and dry. The Ulitharid race is an evolution of the Illithid.

Tier: 1
Size: Large
Race Type: Illithid

Starting Stats 28 26 43 21 19 35
Training Costs -1 -2 -4 0 0 -3

Immunities: none
Resistances: mental (40%), energy (25%)
Vulnerabilities: poison (20%), disease (25%)
Racial Effects: infravision
Damage Types: chill (cold), darkness (negative), torment (mental)
Skills and Spells: blindness (L.42), curse (L.62), energy drain (L.135)