Shades are ethereal beings whose power grows at night, their strength nurtured by the shadows. It is unclear why some earthly objects simply pass through their bodies while others do not, why they are unaffected by blindness from dirt kicking, yet they can be mortally wounded by blades and magic. Their physical makeup allows them to pass through most doors without having to open them first. When standing in dark locations, any onlookers not affected by true sight simply see a shadowy figure with no details to help identify the shade.

Tier: 0
Size: Medium
Evo Races: Yuke

Starting Stats 10 15 17 18 12 17
Training Costs 1 0 -1 -1 1 -1

Immunities: cold, mblind
Resistances: bash (15%)
Vulnerabilities: fire (25%)
Racial Effects: fly, infravision, pass door, shadow shield, hide
Damage Types: shade (negative), shadow (negative), hit (harm)
Skills and Spells: none