The ogre race is one comprised of muscular, powerful humanoids. Ogres respect strength and power, and have little use for those who they see as weak. Their minds are not fit for learned pursuits, but they are far from stupid. Some view the ogres as bloodthirsty and warlike as their way of life is one that more civilized people would call barbaric. Ogres simply see things in a different worldview - there's right, there's wrong, and those who are wrong should be crushed and driven before them. Their skin is like a human's, only thicker and tougher. Ogres have strong, lantern-jaws and pointed ears. Their hair is often worn long, and can come in any shade of color. Deep-set eyes are often blue or brown, but can also be any pigment. Ogres stand around seven to nine feet tall and are often as wide around as two men. It is speculated that ogres live as long as humans, perhaps longer.

Tier: 1
Size: Huge
Race Type: Troll

Starting Stats 55 15 15 25 50 20
Training Costs -5 1 1 -2 -4 0

Immunities: none
Resistances: bash (50%), mblind (50%), poison (30%), disease (30%)
Vulnerabilities: magic (10%), summon (10%)
Racial Effects: infravision, berserk
Damage Types: crush (bash), punch (harm), hit (harm)
Skills and Spells: bash (L.15), enhanced damage (L.15), kick (L.5), fast healing (L.5)