The kyuubi race is an evolution of the kitsune and stands about fourteen feet tall on its hind legs. It is covered in thick, golden fur with a white belly and paws. Its chest is covered in a thicker patch of purple fur, surrounded by a yellow "trim" around its shoulders, with four wispy hairs sticking out. Kyuubis have nine tails, each tipped purple, and sport long claws of the same color. Its muzzle is long and pointed, like its golden-tipped ears, and on its face are markings resembling a kitsune. The fur has a special property which gives resistance to fire and it is said that kyuubis charm their opponents by shapeshifting into an appealing form.

Tier: 1
Size: Large
Race Type: Kitsune

Starting Stats 18 20 22 45 23 33
Training Costs -2 0 -2 -4 0 -3

Immunities: none
Resistances: charm (20%), fire (15%)
Vulnerabilities: none
Racial Effects: haste
Damage Types: tail (bash), claw (slash), fury (air)
Skills and Spells: charm (L.50)