Felines are a most curious race. They are warm-blooded and extremely finicky by nature. Unlike many other races, they are not needy, but choose who they want in their lives. They have exceedingly good eyesight and can detect hidden and invisible creatures from far away. They are a race born to see in the dark, so they very well attack when least expected. They are resistant to illnesses and the cold due to their thick fur coat. They also see right through the tricks of those who charm or intimidate. However, they are very vulnerable to fire and water, as they hate extremities of nature. Being an extremely dexterous race, they are very adept to the second and third attack skills.

Tier: 0
Size: Small
Evo Races: Tiegre Tressym Neko Weretigr

Starting Stats 10 15 15 16 11 18
Training Costs 1 -1 1 -1 1 0

Immunities: charm
Resistances: poison (10%), disease (10%), cold (10%)
Vulnerabilities: fire (25%), water (25%)
Racial Effects: darkvision, true sight, haste, sneak
Damage Types: scratch (pierce), claw (slash), bite (pierce)
Skills and Spells: fast healing (L.65)