Kitsunes are fox spirits who stand on their hind legs and wear clothes. They take great pleasure in trickery and illusions. They have amazing speed and cunning but no true ability in strength. Kitsunes are generally free-spirited and easygoing but at the same time are hardworking, logical, and unafraid to lift a blade in self-defense. Kitsunes are normally tall, skinny, and nimble. They have two fox-like ears protruding from their head. As they age, they grow multiple long, bushy tails. Kitsunes are known to be very loyal to family members and will often take revenge on those who cross them. They are very seldom foolish and are rarely outwitted by other races. For this reason, they are often regarded as some of the most dangerous things to meet face to face.

Tier: 0
Size: Medium
Evo Races: Kyuubi

Starting Stats 9 16 11 16 10 14
Training Costs -1 1 -1 -1 1 -1

Immunities: none
Resistances: charm (15%)
Vulnerabilities: none
Racial Effects: haste
Damage Types: tail (bash), claw (slash), bite (pierce)
Skills and Spells: none