Dwarves are short, tough and mighty. They are well known for patronizing bars and taverns, and tales of their drinking skills are legendary. They are also known for their ferocious fighting and stubbornness. Dwarves are not taken to flights of fancy, but neither are they totally grim and humorless. Family history, clan and personal honor are of utmost importance to the dwarven race. Dwarves are also well known for their honesty, almost to the point of bluntness, and would be a valuable ally and friend, or a fearsome enemy. Dwarves are shorter that most humanoids, standing anywhere from three to four and a half feet in height. Their frames are very stocky and muscular. Dwarven men value facial hair, and rarely ever shave it. Instead, their beards are worn long, with braiding and other such ornamentation. It has been said that dwarf women also grow beards, but this absurd notion would earn anyone so foolish to ask a firm slap in the teeth. Dwarven hair colors are normally black, brown, blonde or red, but dwarves usually go grey quite early. Eyes can also be any color. Dwarves have no love for the evil races of the world, but their hatred of orcs (their ancestral enemies) is almost unrivaled. Very rarely will a dwarf be civil with an orc. Dwarves are naturally good, and often wonder why the hell everyone else can't be. The dwarven constitution for alcohol is legendary. With mighty draughts that would fell a normal man, a dwarf is just getting warmed up. When in this drunken rage, it is said that a dwarf can fight better and takes less damage from hits, but that doesn't stop the dwarf from stumbling about when moving from room to room.

Tier: 0
Size: Small
Evo Races: Duergar

Starting Stats 16 14 15 14 17 13
Training Costs -1 0 0 0 -1 0

Immunities: none
Resistances: disease (15%)
Vulnerabilities: none
Racial Effects: infravision
Damage Types: hit (harm), punch (harm)
Skills and Spells: berserk (L.40), repair (L.100)