House Details

RP: The Church of Sacellum is dedicated to the victory of the benevolent over the vile, and the advancement of those who worship at the altar of the benevolent gods. To that end, we are prepared to do what needs to be done, be it tending to our wounded bretheren, providing support for others who share the cause, or taking up arms to directly crush the evil plaguing the land. OOC: Sacellum is a "defend the good, destroy the evil" type guild, modeled after the medieval catholic church, but can take a more direct approach to confrontation. To join, your character must be good align, or neutral with good tendancies. House skills and spells: [1] A self-cast buff which boosts gold gains temporarily. [2] A self-cast buff which will cut damage taken by half in the first round of battle if you are attacked first by another player. Does not work against monsters. [3] Access to the sanctuary spell. To join this house, visit the hall and type 'house join sacellum' at the Administer of the House. The cost is 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to join. Members who are inactive for 365 days or more are automatically removed from the house. To write a note to all in the Sacellum house, simply set Sacellum as the recipient of the note.

Skill/Spell Name Level Cost Status
tithe 1 5000 Locked
sixth sense 1 7500 Locked
sanctuary 1 5000 Locked
mask 1 2500 Locked

Head of House

There is currently no head of house.

Num Male Rankings Num Female Rankings
[1] Serf [1] Serf
[2] Adept [2] Adept
[3] Monk [3] Monk
[4] Bishop [4] Bishop
[5] Pope [5] Pope

Num Member Lvl Rank