House Details

Nobody knows their way around Erion better than the house of Luminati. They venture into the deepest and darkest parts of the world to fulfill their quests, aware of even the most hidden nooks and crannies. In this house you will probably find someone who knows the way to that hidden monster or hidden room you've been looking for, but there's no guarantee that they will reveal their secret knowledge to you, at least not for free. House skills and spells: [1] A self-cast only buff to boost questpoint gains. [2] A spell that unlocks doors, containers, and portals. [3] A buff that will allow you or others to find out which area an object comes from when you lore it. To join this house, visit the hall and type 'house join luminati' at the Administer of the House. The cost is 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to join. Members who are inactive for 365 days or more are automatically removed from the house. To write a note to all in the Luminati house, simply set Luminati as the recipient of the note.

Skill/Spell Name Level Cost Status
extra credit 1 7500 Unlocked
magic unlock 1 1 Locked
know origin 1 5000 Unlocked

Head of House

Alana is currently Head of House.

Num Male Rankings Num Female Rankings
[1] Tenderfoot [1] Tenderfoot
[2] Journeyman [2] Journeywoman
[3] Explorer [3] Explorer
[4] Pathfinder [4] Pathfinder
[5] Lone Wolf [5] Lone Wolf

Num Member Lvl Rank
[ 1] Gloom 29 Journeywoman
[ 2] Galford 40 Journeywoman
[ 3] Alana 61 Journeywoman
[ 4] Slone 70 Journeywoman
[ 5] Liocenht 104 Journeywoman
[ 6] Vesilia 150 Journeywoman
[ 7] Ondido 151 Journeywoman
[ 8] Suluith 151 Journeywoman
[ 9] Vazbol 151 Journeywoman
[ 10] Cmonster 151 Journeywoman