This house is dedicated to helping other people whenever they can. They don't discriminate against anyone; as long as you are tired or in need of a buff, you can count on them. Although they don't live for battles they can be a powerful partner in taking down a boss as they continuously heal your wounds and provide powerful buffs. House skills and spells: [1] A self-cast only buff that increases your Wisdom temporarily. [2] A spell which weakens all monsters in the area by 15% hitpoints and poisons them. This spell only affects monsters who are not already wounded. [3] A spell that protects you or others from losing their buffs, experience, or gold when they die. You don't remove your equipment and you are restored. [4] A spell which allows the healer to redirect a portion of his experience to other members in the party. To join this house, visit the hall and type 'house join healers' at the Administer of the House. The cost is 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to join. Members who are inactive for 200 days or more are automatically removed from the house.

Skill/Spell Name Level Cost Status
saintly powers 1 5000 Locked
soften death 1 7500 Locked
black rain 1 10000 Locked
redirect experience 1 1 Locked

There is currently no head of house.

Num Male Rankings Num Female Rankings
[1] Healer [1] Healer
[2] Doctor [2] Doctor
[3] Medic [3] Medic
[4] Novice [4] Novice
[5] Quack [5] Quack

Num Member Lvl Rank
[ 1] Reina 35 Quack
[ 2] Skyee 151 Medic