House Details

Just when you think you know what we're up to, we change our minds. You think you know what direction we'll go, what decision we'll make? How? We don't even know until we have started acting. Honestly, we just want to watch the world burn around us. Or do we? OOC: Chaos is a "we do what we want because we feel like it" house. There are no requirements for joining, but no guarantees you will get accepted, either. House skills and spells: [1] A self-cast spell that cuts the violent timer in half. (help violent) [2] A self-cast buff which makes you disappear from the scan command, and when others type where, they only see your name with ??? Where the room should be. [3] A spell which curses all PK players (not in Chaos) in the area you are in. It also sets both you and the other PKers as violent. To join this house, visit the hall and type 'house join chaos' at the Administer of the House. The cost is 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to join. Members who are inactive for 365 days or more are automatically removed from the house. To write a note to all in the Chaos house, simply set Chaos as the recipient.

Skill/Spell Name Level Cost Status
cold shower 1 7500 Locked
incognita 1 5000 Locked
mass curse 1 5000 Locked
mask 1 2500 Locked

Head of House

Memnoc is currently Head of House.

Num Male Rankings Num Female Rankings
[1] Maelstrom [1] Maelstrom
[2] Havoc [2] Havoc
[3] Snarl [3] Snarl
[4] Knot [4] Knot
[5] Rowdy [5] Rowdy

Num Member Lvl Rank
[ 1] Memnoc 151 Havoc