House Details

In this house the expert potion brewers gather together to discuss their recipes. They are able to brew potent potions, so it is always a good idea to see what they have in stock before fighting a tough monster. Joining them will not give you knowledge about all their recipes as there is no rule that discovered recipes need to be shared among members, but if you want to become a potion master, this house will help you achieve it. Of course you don't have to join them to become an alchemist. House skills and spells: [1] A self-cast only buff that increases the number of extra potions you get when brewing a potion. [2] A self-cast only buff that increases the chance of success to brew potions without them exploding. [3] A self-cast only buff that enables you to quaff potions in battle without spilling them. To join this house, visit the hall and type 'house join alchemist' at the Administer of the House. The cost is 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to join. Members who are inactive for 365 days or more are automatically removed from the house.

Skill/Spell Name Level Cost Status
bubbling cauldron 1 5000 Unlocked
calm hand 1 5000 Unlocked
controlled reaction 1 5000 Unlocked

Head of House

Serity is currently Head of House.

Num Male Rankings Num Female Rankings
[1] Chemist [1] Chemist
[2] Pharmacist [2] Pharmacist
[3] Druggist [3] Druggist
[4] Brewer [4] Brewer
[5] Mixer [5] Mixer

Num Member Lvl Rank
[ 1] Herne 47 Mixer
[ 2] Morg 75 Mixer
[ 3] Touley 115 Mixer
[ 4] Memnoc 115 Mixer
[ 5] Elora 150 Mixer
[ 6] Serity 151 Druggist