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Every time you earn a house point, your personal pool of house points increases and you also contribute to your house's overall pool of house points, which are spent on unlocking skills and spells. House points are reset and skills and spells are re-locked on the 1st of every month at 8AM Eastern Standard Time. The houses who earned the most house points for the month will be rewarded. See the helpfile monthly reward for details. A note will automatically be posted listing the top 3 house winners, the top 3 players who earned the most house points in each, and the player who earned the most house points overall in the month. If a member of your house purchases something for the entire house but you were offline at this time, you will receive a note on the house board with details for how you can retrieve your reward with the syntax house redeem <reward number>. This helpfile contains an overview of the various ways each house earns house points. House point amounts are in parenthesis. Luminati Correctly guessing a Guess the Phrase (100) Unscrambling a Scrambled Phrase (20) Correctly guessing a Hangman word (1 point per character in word) Autoquesting Expeditions Global Quests *1 questpoint = 1 house point, but modifiers and bonuses do not apply. Healers Resurrecting other players (100) Healing players: healing spells (2) Curing players of ailments (2) Healing their pets (1) Teaching skills and spells (1) Redirecting experience to other players (help redirect experience) *Buffing other players (5) *If the target was dispelled or canceled by a player, pill, potion, scroll, or wand in the last 5 minutes, points will not be awarded for buffing the target. Slayers Killing a monster in your level range (See bottom of helpfile for details) *Surviving Round 20 in Colosseum (E = 30, M = 50, H = 75, I = 100) **Duel in the arena (Winner = 20, Loser = 10) **For 15 minutes after an arena duel, it is not possible to earn house points in the arena. If fighting someone in the same house both members will earn the house points (see above for house point amounts). Alchemists Unlocking a recipe (50) Brewing potions (see below for house point amounts) If the difficulty level of the recipe is between 67-100%, house points earned will be the recipe potency/3 (per potion). If the difficulty level of the recipe is between 34-66%, house points earned will be the recipe potency/2 (per potion). If the difficulty of the recipe is between 1-33%, house points earned will be equal to the recipe potency (per potion). Failing a brew will cut the house points by half. Example: Recipe difficulty is 70% and potency is 20. You successfully brew 14 potions. House points earned will be 14*(20/3) = 84 house points. If the potion brewing fails, 84 would be cut in half. Chaos, Doom, and Sacellum Killing a player (250) Level up (1*your level) Faux level (3) Newbies Level up (1*your level) Killing a monster in your level range (See bottom of helpfile for details) Healing a player (2) Entering a never before explored room (continents don't count) (1) *Logging in once a day (20) *New characters must wait 1 day to start earning points for logging in daily. For example, when you create a new character, it will automatically join Newbies, but it will not be able to earn the 20 points until 24 hours later. Newbies and Slayers earn house points for killing monsters. The amount earned is based on level and hardcore mode. For levels 1-74, you earn 1 point, levels 75-Hero earns 2, and Legend earns 3 points. While in hardcore mode, the point amount is tripled.
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Houses are groups of players who share a theme and specialize in a different style of gameplay. There are nine houses on Erion to choose from: Non Player-Killing: - Newbies, a band of players new to Erion. - Slayers, for the Hack-'n-Slasher. - Sacellum, Doom, and Chaos, for the Player-Killers. - Luminati, for the Questors. - Healers, for those who enjoy helping and healing others. - Alchemist, for those interested in potion brewing. Player-Killing: - Doom (help doom house). - Chaos (help chaos house) - Sacellum (help sacellum house) Joining a house has several benefits, such as gaining access to house spells, house point shops, and the monthly house point competition where the house who earns the most points in the month wins special prizes. Each house has specialized ways for earning house points (see help house points). To join a house, visit the house's hall and seek out the administer. There you can type 'house join <house name>' and pay a fee of 25000 gold and 2000 questpoints to become a member.
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