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Syntax: who (<argument listed below>) Who without any arguments displays all players and visible immortals online. With an argument, it will show any of the following: <level> Shows players who are this level or higher <lower level> <upper level> Shows players in a certain level range <race> Shows players with certain race <class> Shows players with certain class/subclass PK Shows just PK players NPK Shows just NPK players Imm Shows visible immortals Helper Shows visible helpers Afk Shows player who are away from keyboard Current EXP Mod refers to your overall exp boosting modifiers. Each players logged in and visible to you adds 5%.
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Helpfile keywords: whois
Syntax: whois <character> The whois command will show general information about your character, which is accessible to all. Among other things, it shows your class, level, sex, whether you are married, house and rank. Typing 'whois' with no character name will default to yourself.
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Helpfile keywords: whoname whostring
A who string is a string of text up to 15 characters long which appears over the level/class portion of your who entry. Legends can request a free who string. Heroes can purchase who strings for 1 MUDpie, and all other players can purchase one for 3 MUDpies. Your who string can be as colorful or as bland as you like. It can be set by an Immortal. If you wish to request one but no Immortal is online, post a personal note to Imm.
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Helpfile keywords: channel who
Syntax: @ who <channel name> Typing this command without an argument will automatically show anyone who has joined the channel and their channel status (on, off, or banned). Typing this command without a channel name will display your main channel's who screen, if you have already set a main channel. A * will appear next to a player's name if you are ignoring them or if they are ignoring you.
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