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Syntax: toggle <option> toggle list toggle on toggle off The toggle command turns on and off various configurations, such as level up messages, hardcore mode, auto looting, seeing the game map, earning experience, and more. To see a full list with details for each toggle, use 'toggle list' or see below. Using 'toggle on' or 'toggle off' will enable or disable all options, with the exception of a few. Afklock When coming back from AFK, prompt for my password Allowbeep Allow people to page (beep) you Antisocial Disable others from using socials on you (also diables you from using socials on others Areaname See the area name next to the room name on look Assist Automatically assist group members in combat. You will always assist your pet(s) in combat, regardless of if this toggle is on or off Battleprompt Only see your prompt when in combat Buffertells Buffer all incoming tells - type replay to see the Compact Mode Remove the blank line between commands Hillock Hills do not make a death cry when killed. Deathcry Hear when something is killed in your vicinity. Mobs in Difficulty Display difficulty next to monster. For accuracy of this toggle, see the consider helpfile. Exit Show exits when rooms are displayed Explored Display number of rooms explored next to room name Faux Levels See when other players gain faux levels Freezetag Be updated with freeze tag information Gold Automatically take gold from enemy corpses GQuest Keep updated with global quest information (when off, gquests skip over you) Guess Receive Guess the Phrase notifications Hardcore Play in hardmode Keepalive Have a message sent to your client every 180 seconds Levels See when other players level Look Disable seeing full room descriptions Loot Automatically take equipment from enemy corpses Map Show detailed area map in rooms Mirror See yourself when you look in the room Mobdeaths See globally when players are killed by monsters Mobflags See flags next to mob and players in the room. Certain flags always appear such as AFK, QUEST TARGET, Linkdead, etc. Noaggro Aggressive mobiles will not attack you Nobattlecolor Turn off color during battle Nobuff Disable players from using the buff command on you Nocancel Allow people to use cancellation on you Nochallenge Allow people to challenge you to a duel in the arena Noexp You gain experience points while killing monsters Nofollow Allow people / mobs to follow you NoGquest Global Quests will skip over you NoObjLevel See object levels in your inv and on the ground NoParcel Refuse deliveries from Erion Parcel Services Noroomtalk See whispers and sayto communication Nosummon Allow people to summon you Notake Allow people to give you items Notells Block others from sending you tells Notes See when others post notes Open Automatically open closed/locked doors Peek Automatically peek inventories when looking at people Permadeath Turn off permadeath mode (cannot be toggled on in game) Petattack Your pet will automatically attack with you Quest See when others complete quests, expeditions and more QuestExp Earn EXP nstead of QPs for completing quests and expeditions Quiet Only hear says an emotes and do not receive or send tells. You can still receive tells from and send tells to Imms. Roleplay Show interest in roleplaying Roomid Displays the room's id next to room name Sac Automatically sacrifice enemy corpses Scan Automatically scan rooms upon entering them Scramble Receive Scrambled Phrase notifications ScreenReader You are playing in screen reader friendly mode Shortflags See object and mob flags in their shortened version Split Automatically split gold with group members Tank Your pet will tank some of the damage in combat Teach You will automatically teach players skills and spells TellsExact You must type a player's full name to send them a tell Tickmud Display a message each mud 'tick' Weather See moon updates Vnum Display vnums before objs/mobs Wake Automatically wake up when you are full health Zone See area respawn messages
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Helpfile keywords: screenreader toggle
Syntax: screenreader <option> screenreader list screenreader on or off To turn on screen reader friendly mode, use 'screenreader on'. When this options is turned on, several things are toggled on or off automatically, such as the side map and spammy mob flags. For more on that, see helpfile screenreader toggle. You can also customize your experience with the following options. To turn one on or off, use 'screenreader <option name>', such as 'screenreader aggro'. Options are: Hangman dash. This enables hearing dashes instead of blanks for hangman letters. Aggro. Hear 'A hostile monster attacks you' when an NPC initiates combat with you. Useful for creating a sound trigger when attacked by monsters.
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