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Syntax: run <directions> Syntax: runto <area name> With the 'run' command, you can walk quickly to your destination. For example, if you wish to run to the area 'Dusk to Dawn', you can find directions in the 'directions' helpfile and copy paste them into your run sequence: run 10w3nen8nws for example. While you are running to your destination, room descriptions are shortened so that you only see room names. If you slam into a solid door or exit, this means you have run into a door which is flagged as nopass, which means you cannot pass through it like you normally would with the pass door spell. The runto command will bring you to your desired area regardless of where you are, as long as the destination area is linked to the game. Suggested tip- turn on 'toggle open' so you will automatically open doors or unlock and open them if you have the key. This way, most doors will not interfere with your speedwalk. If you are attacked by a monster during your run, your speedwalk will be cleared. It is impossible to use run or runto when blind, cursed, or violent.
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