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Syntax: runto <area name> run <directions> stop - to stop running before reaching your destination dirs <area name> Use 'runto <area name>' to quickly run to an area. This may be done from any room, though some areas may not be reachable by running to them. A suggested tip is to turn on 'toggle open' so you will automatically open doors or unlock and open them if you have the key. This way, most doors will not interfere with your speedwalk. If you slam into a door in your path, this means the door is flagged as nopass, so you can't pass through it like you normally would while affected by the pass door spell. If you are attacked by a monster during your run, you will stop running. If you want to stop running at any time before you reach your destination, type stop, sit, rest, or sleep. The dirs command will print out a list of directions to any given zone from your current position anywhere in the world. For example: eswxey, where e means east, x is climb up, s is south, et cetera. Use 'run <list of directions>' to start running using a directions list.
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