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By playing Erion, you are agreeing to follow the rules in this helpfile. We ask that you follow the general idea of a rule, not the exact wording, for it is the general idea that will be enforced. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. If you are unsure of whether an action is considered legal or not, please ask an Immortal. 1. Do not harass staff or other players. Harassment of ANY form is strictly prohibited. Sexual harassment includes using flirtatious socials on a player who does not wish you to do so. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so. Name-calling falls under this category and is unacceptable behavior. Harassing someone privately on any channel is still breaking this rule. 2. If rule #1 is not broken, do not request an Immortal to intervene in a private mortal skirmish, as requesting such help is asking them to police a situation and they will not do so. While being considerate to others is considered basic mud etiquette, Immortals will not punish others for unfriendly behavior nor will they step in on private mortal affairs as long as rule number #1 on harassment is not broken. If an argument reaches the point where it comes to public channels or is disturbing other players, Immortals will request that it is moved to a private channel. If you have a problem with someone, we ask you avoid contact with them. Block them if you do not wish to receive tells from them. Use the ignore command if you do not wish to see this player on public channels or if you want to disable them from sending you tells or using socials on your character. Please take these steps before asking for Immortal intervention. Posting personal notes or creating alts to get around ignore is considered breaking rule #1 on harassment. 3. No more than one account per player is permitted. The number of characters created in each account is unlimited, however. 4. There is no rule against swearing. However, do not be obscene or grossly distasteful on public channels. 5. No kill-stealing. If a mobile has a (Wounded) flag and you did not wound the mob yourself, don't attack it. Each player only has rights to one wounded mob at a time. If you attack a second monster without killing the first, you no longer have rights to the first mob. Area-effect skills and spells attack more than one target in a room at a time. This is the only exception to this rule. However, if the player who attacked these monsters using such a skill or spell leaves battle before all monsters die, he or she only has rights to one mob only upon returning to the room, regardless of how many monsters have the (Wounded) flag. Do not interfere in another player's battle. It is against the rules to buff, heal, or otherwise aid monsters who are wounded and a player currently has the rights to them or a monster which is being attacked by another player. Lastly, if you come into a room where another player is obviously preparing to fight a mob and you attack the unwounded mob despite this, you are NOT breaking the rules and thus an Immortal cannot intervene, but you ARE being rude. Keep in mind that how you treat other players will effect how they treat you in return. Global Quests, expeditions, and autoquests are not an excuse to violate these kill-stealing guidelines. 6. Do not grief a player by luring an aggressive monster into the player's room with the intention to kill the player. Using adjuster mobs or hardcore toggle to grief another player is forbidden. Do not pick up items off the ground of a freshly-killed monster if the player is still standing in the room. Do not retrieve items from a corpse of a monster who was just killed and the player is still standing in the room. If you are in a room and are about to retrieve items from a container but another player enters the room and does so before you can, do not consult an Immortal as this is NOT against the rules. 7. No giving away, selling, or sharing of accounts. Do not give, share, or trade accounts, characters, or PASSWORDs to other players. 8. Do not bot. You the player always need to be in control of your character. You are expected to be at the keyboard while playing. Gaining anything while idle or AFK (gold, items, experience, anything) is not allowed. Not actively at your computer and following another player is considered botting. As long as you follow those guidelines, all triggers are legal. Using triggers while AFK to buff someone is against the rules unless the buffs are 100% learned and you are not earning anything from using them. Healers cannot use buff triggers while AFK due to gaining house points. Turning on 'toggle teach' and allowing others to learn from you while AFK is also against the rules unless you have noexp toggled on. 9. Do not multiplay or interact with your own characters by any means. Do not transfer items, money, questpoints, or anything else between your characters. This includes giving something to another player to give to your alt. Assisting anyone in transferring things between two or more of their characters falls under this rule. Any players involved will be punished. Do not sell items in your player shop and purchase them on an alt. If you are caught breaking this rule, the least you can expect is to lose the items, whether it is 1 gold or a fully-runed item. 10. If you spot a bug or something that may be a bug, do NOT exploit it. Please notify the staff immediately on the errors board and do not share the bug information with other players. If you know someone else is exploiting a bug but do not report it, you could be punished. 11. Do not spam. Spam is often excessive or annoying text displayed to another player. Common examples include sending the same message over and over to another player or filling a channel with irrelevant information. It can also include going on and on about something only you care about or discussing something publicly when it should be discussed on private channels only. 12. No naming or advertising other MUDs. You may discuss them in private, but advertising another MUD on Erion is against the rules. 13. Do not whine or otherwise behave rudely to staff. Whining is annoying and not constructive, so please refrain from doing it. If you have a problem with something and want it to be changed, please write a polite note on the appropriate board with valid reasons why you think it should be changed. A valid reason for requesting something be changed is not because it sucks or because you simply don't like it. It is not always possible to make changes to the game that everyone is happy with. When a change is made, it is for balance or betterment of the game as a whole. 14. Do not make a character with an offensive or inappropriate name. Nonsensical character names such as Rksdjkfl are forbidden. Do not customize your character inappropriately (through restrings, walkin, description, worldin, etc). 15. Do not argue with an Immortal's final decision on a matter. While the Imms are often open to discussion, once a decision has been made it is final. Continuing to argue with staff is grounds for punishment. Furthermore, if you have made a game suggestion and it has been rejected by an Immortal, the Immortals are not required to give a reason why. We ask that you accept the decision and do not argue with staff or continue to give reasons why you think your idea would be great for the game. Game decisions are made with a lot of care and thought, and while we appreciate and listen to player input, ultimately staff must decide what changes are best for the game. 16. Immortals cannot give out items, hints for the location of quest targets, hints as to where hidden shops are located, hints as to how solve missions or complete stages such as in CKPQ or Hadiran Monastery, free buffs (with the exception of the occasional Immortal spellup, which can be purchased for mudpies, but not requested for free), nor can they hand out free rewards. --- Possible but not exhaustive list of punishments for breaking game rules: a wizslapping, smiting, revoked channels or use of note board, being shotgunned, slain and corpse eaten, temporary or permanent freezing of character, deletion, locking of account or character(s), temporary or permanent banning. --- If you feel you were punished wrongly or that an unfair decision was made, please write a note addressed to 161 (the level of the admins) on the personal board and it will be reviewed fairly, but we cannot promise that the outcome will change to your liking.
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