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Syntax: kill <target name> kill blue devil kill mob kill 2.mob kill target/qt (used for quest targets) kill qt murder <target> murder blue devil Typing more than one argument will help you target the intended monster when you are in a room with targets that have similar names. You can also use the word mob or #.mob, such as 'kill mob' or 'kill 2.mob'. For quest targets, you can use 'kill target' or 'kill qt' for short. This is the simplest way to initiate combat with your opponent. 'kill' will start combat, which continues until either of you is dead, has fled or something else has happened. When meeting new monsters, it is generally thought wise to 'consider' them before fighting; see 'help consider'. You may not always want to kill the first instance of a monster in the room; see 'help targeting' to learn how to target different monsters.
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