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Multiplaying is defined as having more than one of your characters logged onto the MUD at the same time, and/or having your characters interact with one another, in any way. As some players share IP, it can sometimes be difficult for the Immortals to tell if a player is multi playing, and thus it is requested if you share an IP with someone, that you write a note to the immortals on the personal board stating that you are sharing your IP with another person, which characters belong to you, and which belong to the other player. The following examples are instances of multiplaying, and can result in punishment: - Having two of your characters logged on at the same time. - Having one of your characters logged on, while another character of yours is still on the mud but left linkdead. - Aiding your character with an alt. This means: - Do not transfer eq between alts, whether directly or indirectly. - Do not powerlevel your lowbies with your highbie alt. - Do not go linkdead with one char, log on another, to save the linkdead char from death. - Best way to do this, do not allow your chars to interact in any way shape or form. Punishment for breaking multiplaying rules can result in anything from a slap on the wrist to a slay. In extreme and rare circumstances, special punishment may be used at an admin's disgression.
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