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Helpfile keywords: mirror
Syntax: Mirror With the mirror command, one is able to see what he/she looks like to someone else while standing in a room. This command includes 'fake auras' (help MUDpie for information about fake auras).
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Helpfile keywords: mirror image
Syntax: cast 'mirror image' Cooldown: 30 seconds With this spell, Illusionists create up to 5 identical images of themselves once the skill has been mastered. One by one, these images will vanish as melee attacks hit them instead of the Illusionist. The illusions will last until the duration has run out or until all images have been destroyed. The advanced mirroring skill increases the number of images that are created.
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Helpfile keywords: mirroring blade
Syntax: cast 'mirroring blade' <target> Illusionists casting this spell on an unfortunate target will wound their victims with the damage type of their main weapon wielded. Main stat: Luck.
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Helpfile keywords: mirror target
Syntax: cast 'mirror target' As an Illusionist, you can create an illusion of you being your opponent. The effect is that every monster in the room who is currently attacking you, with the exception of the opponent whom you're fighting, will think that your opponent is you, and that you are your opponent. The monsters will then switch to your side and begin attacking your target. Mobiles who join your side will attack your target for a maximum of three minutes. After that, they will begin attacking you again. If you are attacking a player who has pets, it is possible to trick the player's pets and have them join your side. They will re-join their owner after three minutes or once the fight is over. Monsters who are summoned through the summon spell will become immune to mirror target and will not join your side. Success while attacking a player depends on the Illusionist's luck verses the target's luck. If the Illusionist's luck is higher than the target's luck by 200 points or more, the chance of success is 100%. If the Illusionist's luck is lower than the target's luck by 200 points or more, the chance is only 20%. If the Illusionist has the same luck as the target, the chance is 60%. In all other cases, the chance is +1% for every 5 points of luck. When fighting a mobile, the chance depends on both luck and level. For every 10 points of luck, there is a 1% increase in the chance of success. For every level higher the target is above the Illusionist, the chance decreases by 5%. If the target is vulnerable to mental damage, the chance of success is higher. If the target is resistant to mental damage, the chance is lower. Targets immune to mental damage are immune to mirror target. If another mobile who has joined your side during the fight deals the final blow against your target, you will still receive experience. Main stat: Luck.
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Helpfile keywords: advanced mirroring
Syntax: automatic This skill allows a Mirage who has fully mastered mirror imaging to create further copies of himself. Once this skill has been mastered, a total of 5 extra copies will be created.
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