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Syntax: open <object or direction> Syntax: close <object or direction> Syntax: lock <object or direction> Syntax: unlock <object or direction> Syntax: pick <object or direction> OPEN and CLOSE open and close an objecta door. LOCK and UNLOCK lock and unlock a closed object or door. You must have the requisite key to do so. PICK can open a lock without having the key. In order to PICK successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.
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Helpfile keywords: pick lock picklock
Syntax: pick <object or direction> Lock picking is a thief skill used to open a lock without having the key.
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Helpfile keywords: lockers upgrade storage
Syntax: locker put <item> / all / all.<item name> locker get <item> / all / all.<item name> locker list (<item type> or <item keyword>) locker empty From the moment a character is made, they are given a small locker which can hold up to 100 items. To use the locker, you must be standing in a locker room. It is not possible to put 'nogive' flagged items inside containers, but it is possible to put them inside lockers. It is also possible to put nodrop items in lockers. Syntax: locker upgrade <1, 2, 3, 4> To upgrade your locker to a bigger size, you must be in a locker room. These are the locker upgrade sizes and costs: Locker upgrade 1) 500 Item Capacity [350,000 Gold] 2) 750 Item Capacity [600,000 Gold] 3) 1000 Item Capacity [875,000 Gold] 4) 1250 Item Capacity [1,200,000 Gold] If you own a 500 Item Capacity locker already, you will only be charged the difference between upgrade 1 and 2 (and the same goes for 1 to 3 or 2 to 3 and so on.) You cannot downgrade your locker.
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Helpfile keywords: lock gaze
Syntax: cast 'lock gaze' <victim> (<new target in your group>) This legendary Witch spell can change the target being attacked by a mobile (or player). The new target must be a member in the Witch's group, and the mobile must be attacking someone in that group. Once the mobile's gaze has been locked on a target, the mobile cannot switch targets at will for the duration of the fight. If the caster doesn't provide a new target argument, the mobile will simply lock its gaze on the caster. It's not possible for a mobile to lock its gaze on another mobile.
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