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Syntax: drink <object> Syntax: eat <object> eat all.<item name> (Imm-only) Syntax: fill <object> Syntax: pour <object> out Syntax: pour <object> <object> Syntax: pour <object> <character> Your character will not get hungry or thirsty. The fill command fills a drink container with a new liquid. The pour command transfers a liquid to a container, or empties one. You can also pour from an object into something a character is holding. If you attempt to eat or drink while fighting, the object will be knocked out of your hands. Giving food or a pill to your pet will force them to eat it automatically. Pets are healed by food. Necromancers, liches, and vampires are healed by eating corpses. Liches and vampires are healed by drinking blood. Undead pets can also eat corpses to regenerate health.
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