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Syntax: db slots db <level or level range> <wear slot> db <level or level range> <stat> (<amount>) db <level or level range> <weapon type> db <level or level range> <weapon type> <stat> (<stat amount>) db <level or level range> <weapon type> <damage> db <level or level range> armor db <level or level range> armor <stat> (<amount>) Example usage: db 40 shield db 40-44 shield db 15-25 armor resmagic 3 The database command is a tool for players who are in search of weapons and armor or general equipment of level 50 or below. The information displayed includes the name of the object(s) found, which mob is carrying it, and which area the mob is in. It will also display other information such as the level, item type, armor class, stats (str, int, wis, etc.) and weapon damage/flags, if it is a weapon. It won't display items inside bags which are carried by monsters, nor will it show items you cannot see, or items carried by monsters you cannot see. If the item is worn by a monster who is currently dead, the item will not show up in the database.
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