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Syntax: battlespam <option> battlespam off - to turn off all options battlespam list battlespam on - to turn all options on battlespam off - to turn all options off This command can be used to decrease messages sent to your screen while in combat. To turn something on or off, use 'battlespam <option>'. See below for all options. AdverseFail: Blocks output from failed attempts to blind, slow, poison, weaken, curse, corruption, decay, and plague a target. Auras: Messages related to elemental aura, banshee aura, psychic aura, and heavenly fire. Condensed: Condenses combat into single lines. Help condensed for full details. Counter: Counter attack messages. Critical: Critical strike messages. Curse: Weapon curse flag messages. DamageToMobs: Block output for damage dealt by others to non-pet mobiles. Use 'battlespam utter' to disable seeing when someone casts a spell in combat. DamageToPC: Block all output from damage to other players. DamageToPets: Blocks output from damage to pets. Dodge: Messages related to sidestep, divine intervention, tree of life, mental shield, parry, dodge, doppelganger, daemon block, jump, reflexes, wall of fire, and deflect. Flaming: Messages related to a weapon's flaming flag. Frost: Messages related to a weapon's frost flag. Healthstatus: Health status description and hitpoints percent of current target after each combat round. Manadrain: Messages related to gaining back mana through skills, spells (spirit drain), and weapon flags such as manadrain. Mental: Messages related to a weapon's mental flag. Miss: When someone misses in combat. PetDamage: Block output from when pets do damage. Poison: Messages related to a weapon's poison flag. Second: Second and third attack damage. Sharp: Messages related to a weapon's sharp flag. Shocking: Messages related to a weapon's shocking flag. Silver: Messages related to a weapon's silver flag. Special: Extra rounds of damage done by a weapon with special damage (seen on lore). Utter: Block output from others uttering spells. This blocks the utter message also from spells not cast in combat, including those from healer mobiles. Vampiric: Messages related to gaining back hitpoints through skills (feed), spells (energy drain, elemental shield), or the vampiric weapon flag.
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