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Syntax: teach <player> <skill|spell> teach cancel Players can help other players improve their skill and spell proficiencies through teaching. A skill or spell can be taught as long as the teacher has learned it to 60% and the student also has the same skill or spell. For example, a Cleric can help improve another Cleric's Holy Symbol proficiency. When offering to teach someone, the student must accept the lesson as it will cost them practice sessions. Practicing with an NPC guildmaster will cost a player 3 practice sessions at level 1 and up to 16 practice sessions at level 150. Practicing with a PC teacher will cut these costs in half. The teacher has a chance to improve his or her teaching ability each time a new lesson is given. Players can practice skills and spells at a guildmaster up to 50% and at a PC teacher up to 80%. Once the ability has reached 50%, it can be improved through use, but the process is a slow one. At 80% proficiency, the process speeds up by 50%. It is possible to teach only one student at a time. If you decide you want to teach someone else, you can 'teach cancel' to remove your lesson offer from the player you are currently offering lessons to. A student can have multiple teachers. Both students and teachers earn some experience in the process. Teach Proficiency Max Proficiency Taught ----------------- ---------------------- 100% 80% 95% 75% 80% 70% 75% 65% 60% 60% 50% 55% To see how high of a proficiency someone can teach you, use 'whois <player>'. A teacher cannot teach beyond his skill or spell's current proficiency, even if the teaching proficiency is higher. For example, if the teacher's max teaching proficiency is 80% but his sanctuary spell is still at 75%, he can teach sanctuary up to 75%. Once he increases his sanctuary proficiency to 80% or higher, he can then teach it to 80%. Turn on 'toggle teach' to allow other players to practice their skills and spells from you without you having to actively teach them. It is not possible to learn from someone who is AFK or has been idle for more than 10 minutes. It is not possible to teach the 'teach' skill.
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