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Syntax: limit <number> (See below) limit <message> - customize your own limit break message for others to see when you break your limit! limit clear - clear your limit break message A limit break is an ability that builds up over time within someone and can be unleashed once it has reached a critical mass. It can give bonuses such questpoint rewards, mudpies, gold, and more. The higher you have your limit break skill learned, the better the results will be. To build up your limit meter, you must be fighting npc enemies higher level than you - the higher level the better. You can also complete quests, expeditions, global quests to raise your meter. If you fail a quest or an expedition, your limit meter will take a penalty. Note that some monsters will not increase a player's limit meter. This is in place to limit abuse of the limit meter. Such monsters include dummies and some bosses. If you attacking remotely, your limit meter will not increase. Limit Break Types ----------------- 1: Gain a quest points reward. 2: Gain a gold reward. 3: Gain a MUDpie reward. 4: Get restored. 5: Gain x amount of time with +200% experience. To display your limit meter in your prompt, use the %b option.
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