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Helpfile keywords: blindness
Syntax: cast blindness <victim> A character that is affected by a form of blindness (blindness, fire breath, dirt kick) has a lower chance to hit in combat, will hit with less force, and will find it much harder to evade and parry incoming attacks. It will also be impossible to see or manipulate any objects that do not have the 'humming' flag (see 'help oflags'). Keep a stock of humming cure blindness potions in a bag in your inventory if you have no skill or spell that removes the blindness effect. Though temporary, this effect can be inflicted in a variety of ways. Not all means of removing blindness work on every skill/spell that inflicts it. The only tried and true way to guarantee the effect will wear off is to wait. If you are impatient, you can try any number of curative spells, or find a healer to try to remove the effect. There is no lag after casting this spell.
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Helpfile keywords: cure blindness
Syntax: cast 'cure blindness' <character> This curative spell cures magical blindness from the blindness spell. It does not cure blindness from dirtkick or fire breath (these forms are cured with the rubeyes skill). There is no lag after casting this spell.
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