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Well‑Traveled Mudder

All players online will receive a tell with the name of a room in an area
in their level range. Once one participant finds their room, that player is
given a randomized questpoint reward and possibly a mudpie for winning the
round. All participants will be sent a new tell with a new room to find at
this point, and this cycle will continue until the event finishes. Rewards
are given for the overall top 3 players (ties are possible). It is
impossible to use gate skills and spells to travel to your destination room.
New rooms will automatically be assigned to participants if no one finds
their room within 10 minutes.

First place winner reward (minimum of 3 wins required): a randomized gold
reward and a weapon pump with randomized charges (pump is only given if
there is a single first place winner)

Second place winner reward (minimum of 2 wins required): a randomized gold
reward in an amount smaller than the first place gold reward.

Third place winner reward (minimum of 1 win required): a randomized gold
reward in an amount smaller than the second place gold reward.

*** Important *** To participate in this event, you must use 'event join
'. You can quit the event at any time using 'event quit
'. You will be automatically rewarded if you placed, even
if you log off during the event.

If you forgot the room you are to find, check your tell history for a
message sent by Eventina or just quit and re‑join the event (the room will
stay the same).

Event results are posted on the Events note board and on the Mudevent