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No Quest Timers

During this event, quest and expedition wait timers are treated as if
they are set to 0 minutes. You can accept and complete as many quests and
expeditions as you wish during this event. See help qtimer for more

To win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place reward, one must complete at least 15
quests. Winners are based on the number of quests completed.

1st Place: 100% chance, 2 rune slots are cleared

2nd Place: 80% chance, 2 rune slots are cleared

3rd Place: 60% chance, 2 rune slots are cleared

Results displayed on the info quest channel at end of event. You do not
need to be online to receive your rune reward.

* This event applies to Quests completed with the QuestExp toggle, but the
experience is halved.