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Leprechaun's Luck

In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, there is a 3 day long event to
hunt and kill leprechauns for rewards!

When a leprechaun is killed, a new one spawns in a random location, keeping
the leprechaun population at 300 in the world at all times. Each kill is
worth around 10‑15 questpoints and 35‑40 gold. Some leprechauns will drop a
pot of gold which can be given to the greedy leprechaun at recall in
exchange for random rewards which will always include a potion of boosted
gold and a potion of boosted questpoints. Depending on the leprechauns
mood, he may also reward you with other prizes such as a shamrock rune of
luck, Mystic Crystals and crystal fragments, restring and who string tokens,
and even (at a low chance) a race change token, among other rewards! He
will reward you one time (yearly) with a master rune if you supply him at
least 10 pots of gold.

See 'help holidays' for other special happenings that are going on around
Saint Patrick's Day.