Crafting Guide

Crafting Missions and Where to Find Them

    Below is a list of areas with repeatable missions pertaining to crafting or gathering of raw materials in exchange for rewards.

    Crafters Forge

    • Mission 171: Craft wares for Rexone's shop.
    • Mission 174: Supply Zorryn with a magic seed.
    • Mission 177: Weave a basket for an old woman.
    • Mission 181: Craft a grimoire for a collector.
    • Mission 184: Supply Irwel's wife with gold ores and gems.
    • Mission 187: The Dung Man

    Hall of Healers

    • Mission 235: Flowers for Wyan.
    • Mission 232: The liberator.
    • Mission 233: Supplying office supplies.
    • Mission 234: A vial problem.

    Haon Dor

    • Mission 27: Chopping down the dead trees for John the Lumberjack.

    Nokova Island

    • Mission 210: Craft a raft for a villager in need.
    • Mission 212: Craft a fishing rod for a villager in need.
    • Mission 213: Craft a bedroll for a villager in need.
    • Mission 214: Craft a yurt for a villager in need.
    • Mission 215: Help repair the broken dock.

    Town of Bandell

    • Mission 243: Inspiring Jorri.
    • Mission 239: Too much piety?
    • Mission 240: Roll out the barrel.
    • Mission 241: Business as usual.
    • Mission 242: Burning the midnight oil.

    Wildlife Reserve

    • Mission 193: Fresh worms for abandoned nestlings.
    • Mission 194: Collect materials for new birdhouses.