Welcome to Erion MUD [ erionmud.com 1234 ]

Erion is a free-to-play text-based game that takes place in a large, mostly medieval setting. You can join a House based on your favorite style of gameplay. There is something for the Questor, Hack-'n-Slasher, Healer, Explorer, and Player-Killer.

About Erion Mud

There are 10 primary classes and 30 subclasses to choose from:

  • Archers, fighters who hunt with bows and arrows.
  • Clerics, healers and masters of defensive spells.
  • Gaians, controllers of the earth.
  • Illusionists, masters of deception and tricks of the mind.
  • Mages, skilled spellcasters.
  • Monks are martially trained and devout unarmed fighters.
  • Necromancers, masters of the undead and maledictions.
  • Psionicists, those who harvest power from within themselves.
  • Thieves, stealthy pickpocketers who throw stars or wield daggers.
  • Warriors, daemon summoners and masters of combat.
  • Witches, spellcasters skilled in maledictions.


  • Multiclassing: max of 2 classes
  • Max level: Hero 150, Legend 151
  • Equipment modification through runes, spellcasting, crafting, and gems
  • Restart command: play as many classes and races as you want w/o deleting
  • Class command: replace a class without restarting
  • Race command: change your race or evolve into a stronger version of your race
  • Faux levels: gain practices, hp and mana after reaching max level
  • Stats influence many character facets
  • Hardcore toggle
  • Weekly automated events (xp, qp, gold, no quest timers, bloodbaths)
  • Fishing as a quiet side activity
  • Mission progress tracking system for custom-built quests


New unique buff: Ascendance. Acquired with Legend Tiers!

May 04

New introduction/newbie area: Nokova Island!

May 04

Seeds can now be placed in the crafting inventory!

May 04

Soundpack updated to add tracks for each area in the game!

May 04

New spam toggles to condense buffs into a single line, such as 'Aelyn has buffed you up!'.

May 04

Account-wide achievements are in as well as craftable fishing rods!

Dec 14

Added the ability to cook corpses and fish over a campfire to boost their healing properties.

Nov 30

New Artisan house spells: Shatter and Tenacious Gatherer!

Nov 30

New Illusionist DoT spell: Phantom Vortex!

Nov 30

New Legend area: Demon Eruption. Waypoints added around the realm for quick travel.

Oct 27