Welcome to Erion MUD [ erionmud.com 1234 ]

Erion is a free-to-play text-based game that takes place in a large, mostly medieval setting. You can join a House based on your favorite style of gameplay. There is something for the Questor, Hack-'n-Slasher, Healer, Explorer, and Player-Killer.

About Erion Mud

There are 10 primary classes and 30 subclasses to choose from:

  • Archers, fighters who hunt with bows and arrows.
  • Clerics, healers and masters of defensive spells.
  • Gaians, controllers of the earth.
  • Illusionists, masters of deception and tricks of the mind.
  • Mages, skilled spellcasters.
  • Monks are martially trained and devout unarmed fighters.
  • Necromancers, masters of the undead and maledictions.
  • Psionicists, those who harvest power from within themselves.
  • Thieves, stealthy pickpocketers who throw stars or wield daggers.
  • Warriors, daemon summoners and masters of combat.
  • Witches, spellcasters skilled in maledictions.


  • Multiclassing: max of 2 classes
  • Max level: Hero 150, Legend 151
  • Equipment modification through runes, spellcasting, crafting, and gems
  • Restart command: play as many classes and races as you want w/o deleting
  • Class command: replace a class without restarting
  • Race command: change your race or evolve into a stronger version of your race
  • Faux levels: gain practices, hp and mana after reaching max level
  • Stats influence many character facets
  • Hardcore toggle
  • Weekly automated events (xp, qp, gold, no quest timers, bloodbaths)
  • Fishing as a quiet side activity
  • Mission progress tracking system for custom-built quests


Account-wide achievements are in as well as craftable fishing rods!

Dec 14

Added the ability to cook corpses and fish over a campfire to boost their healing properties.

Nov 30

New Artisan house spells: Shatter and Tenacious Gatherer!

Nov 30

New Illusionist DoT spell: Phantom Vortex!

Nov 30

New Legend area: Demon Eruption. Waypoints added around the realm for quick travel.

Oct 27

Mud Sound Protocol and a new MUSHclient soundpack have been implemented!

Sep 29

New Legend-level area: Wyvern's Aerie!

Sep 13

New house: Artisans, for crafters.

Sep 07

New race tree: Horse, Centaur, and 2 final evos.

Sep 05

New level 130-140 area: Land of the Lost Elves!

Sep 05