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Syntax: automatic This skill is similar to fast healing, but relies on the concentration and mantras to increase mana recovery when the character is sleeping or resting. Thieves and warriors, with their troubled minds and violent attitudes, have much trouble learning to meditate. This skill must be at least 50% learned to be useful. With the meditation skill, mana is recovered once every 60 seconds. The advanced meditation skill speeds up the process by 15 seconds, thus recovering mana once every 45 seconds. The master meditation skill quickens healing by another 15 seconds, recovering mana once every 30 seconds. The meditation skill must be mastered in order to practice advanced meditation, and advanced meditation must in turn also be fully mastered in order to begin studying master meditation. Advanced meditation boosts the base mana regeneration by 2%, and master meditation boosts it by an additional 1%, totaling 3%.
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