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Helpfile keywords: curse
Syntax: cast 'curse' <character> This spell reduces the character's damroll, magicroll, and saves. It also renders the character unclean in the eyes of the gods and makes them unable to recall or use gate spells and skills. Curse may be used to fill equipment with evil power, allowing (for example) weapons to do more damage to particularly holy opponents. There is no lag after casting this spell.
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Helpfile keywords: remove curse uncurse
Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <character> Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <object> This spell removes a curse from a character, and might possibly uncurse a cursed object. It may also be targeted on an object in the caster's inventory, in which case it's chance of success is significantly higher. There is no lag after casting this spell.
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Helpfile keywords: weapon flags weaponflag addflag flaming frost vampiric sharp
vorpal two-handed 2h shocking poison curse mana drain mental
silver nosac

Syntax: addflag <object> <flag number> Addflag is used to add or remove special flags from an object. Unless specified otherwise, the flag will be toggled off if the item already has the flag. OBJECT FLAGS (15) Nogive: Adds the nogive flag to an object free of cost (help nogive). This also adds the nodrop and nouncurse flags. Cannot untoggle these flags. (16) Nosac: Adds nosac extra flag to an object free of cost. Items with this flag cannot be sacrificed. WEAPON FLAGS (1) Flaming: Weapons with flaming effect have a chance to blind the target in combat and to destroy any items the target has that aren't burn-proof. Flaming weapons are not affected by the heat metal spell. (2) Frost: Frost weapons have a chance to give the target chill touch effect and can cause potions and drink containers to freeze and shatter if they are not inside a bag. (3) Vampiric: Vampiric weapons draw life from their targets and heal the wielder. It heals 3 + your level/20. This will only trigger if your hitpoints fall below max. (4) Sharp: Has 7% chance to pierce through armor. This makes armor half as effective. For example, if you have 100 AC and get hit by a sharp weapon the damage will only be reduced by 50 instead of the full 100. (5) Vorpal: Has very small chance to decapitate and prematurely kill an NPC. This flag is not effective on all monsters (e. G. Bosses, Monster Colosseum monsters etc). NPCs wielding vorpal weapons can vorpal players when they fall below 50% health. (6) Two-Handed: Increases base weapon damage by 100% and is twice as hard to disarm. Lore <weapon> will tell you your weapon's damage. For example, if a weapon says 'Max damage : 5 + bonus of 3', the two-handed flag will increase the damage to 10 + bonus of 3. It is possible to wear a 2H claw with throwing stars or a 2H bow and arrows at the same time. (7) Shocking: Has a chance to daze target, meaning that the target will have a difficult time casting spells and using skills successfully. Can destroy target's wands, staves, and jewelry which are not shock-proof or inside a bag. (8) Poison: Has a chance to poison target. (9) Curse: Has chance to add curse effect to target. Targets with resistance to the negative damage type are harder to curse. (10) Mana Drain: Harms target and gives wielder mana. Mana drain will not activate if the wielder is affected by mana shield. (11) Mental: Harms victim with mental damage type. (12) Silver: Harms target with silver damage type. (13) Off-hand: Wields weapon in secondary weapon slot (if weapon is not two-handed.) IMPORTANT Vampiric, mana drain, mental, silver, flaming, frost, and shocking flags do damage. You can add all of these flags to your weapon, but only two will be randomly chosen and activated each round. If you have two weapons, two damage flags per weapon are active each round. Curse, poison, vorpal, and sharp will always have a chance to activate. Use the 'battlespam' option to reduce spam from the above flags. COSTS The cost off ADDING a new flag is 15 mudpies, 500 qps, and 50k gold. The cost of REMOVING a flag is 5 mudpies, 100 qps, and 25k gold.
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Helpfile keywords: mass curse
Syntax: cast 'mass curse' This nasty spell is available only to members of the house of Chaos. When it is cast, all PK players (not in Chaos) in the area are cursed, unless they are resistant to curse, then it may take a few attempts. It also flags the caster and anyone cursed as violent.
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Helpfile keywords: curse sanctify lands
Syntax: cast 'curse lands' Cooldown: 4 minutes This spell curses all rooms in an area, blocking the recall command. When cast by a player, it does not affect NPK players. Casting this spell will not affect your own ability to recall. Syntax: cast 'sanctify lands' Sanctifying an area will strip it of magical curses created by the curse lands spell and block curses for a short period of time. Dying in a sanctified room will strip it of this effect.
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